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General Knowledge
Question Answer Category
In Chess, Which Piece Always Moves Diagonally Bishop General
Give Me The First Names Of The First 3 Charlies Angels From The Original TV Series Kris, Kelly Sabrina General
Traditionally, What Sauce Is Served With Roast Pork Apple General
Whose Autobiography Is Titled The Good The Bad And The Bubbly George Best General
Who Became President Of The Us In 1929, The Year Of The Wall Street Crash Herbert Hoover General
Question Answer Category
Which 1985 Film Features A Group Of Inhabitants From An Old Peoples Home Who Find A Way Of Feeling Young Again Cocoon General
Which Long Running Tv Show That Ran From 1976 To 1981 Featured A Recurring Cast Of Over 56 Characters The Muppet Show General
Doctor Moriarty Is The Arch-Enemy Of Which Fictional Detective Sherlock Holmes (created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1886) General
Which Of The Sex Pistols Was Christened John Beverly Sid Vicious General
What Are Springfield's Two Theatres Called The Aztec and the Googolplex General
Food & Drink
Question Answer Category
What Two Fruits Grow On Palm Trees Coconuts and dates General
What Is The Principle Ingredient Of The Indian Dish Biryani Rice General
Is Amontillado A Sweet, Medium Or Medium-Dry Sherry Medium Dry General
From What German Region Do Hock Wines Come The Rhine General
What Type Of Foodstuff Is A 'Rollmop'' Fish (Pickled Herring) General
Question Answer Category
Which Mediterranean Island Became The Home Of Gracie Fields Capri General
Which Famous Cocktail Was Invented At The Raffles Hotel In The Far East Around 1910 The Singapore Sling General
What Is Significant About The Banc D'arguin National Park Mauritania It Is Africa's Most Northern National Park General
Every Fort In India Contains A Diwan I Am What Does The Phrase Mean Hall Of Public Audience General
In Which City Is The Bridge Of Sighs Venice General
Question Answer Category
How Old Was Princess Diana When She Lost Her Life In A Car Accident In 1997 36 General
Who Released The 70's Album Entitled My Aim Is True Elvis Costello General
What Is Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year General
Which Country Was Invaded By The Japanese 1937 China General
What Reference Book Went On Sale For The First Time In 1955 Guinness Book Of Records General
Question Answer Category
Who Wrote The Autobiography A Cellarful Of Noise Brian Epstein General
In Which Song Released First In 1966 & Again In 1991 Will You Hear The Name Of Americas First Woman Astronaut Uttered Time & Time Again (66 Wilson Picket / 91 The Commitments) Mustang Sally (Sally Ride1983) General
Who Didn't Eric Clapton Shoot In 1974 The Deputy General
In Which Year Did The Stranglers Achieve Three Top Ten Hits 1977 General
His First Chart Entry, Which Record Did Tom Jones Take To No.1 In 1965 It's Not Unusual General
Science & Nature
Question Answer Category
What Is The Drug Aceta-Minophen Better Known As Paracetamol General
Why Is The Mole Cricket So Called Spends Most Of Its Time Underground General
True Or False, Wild Fish Always Have More Omega-3 Fatty Acids Than Farm-Raised Fish FALSE General
What Color Spots Has The Common Ladybird Black General
What Do The Initials Slk Mean In Relation To Mercedes Cars Spory Light Compact General
Sport & Leisure
Question Answer Category
What Football Club Did Jackie Charlton Play For When He Won His 1966 World Cup Medal Leeds United General
Which Sport Is Played With The Heaviest Ball Ten Pin Bowling General
Which Scottish Football Team Was Formed First Was It Rangers Or Celtic Rangers General
In Which Country Is The Bellerive Oval Cricket Ground Australia General
What Was Unusual About Ted Schraeder's Appearance At Wimbledon In The 1949 Tournament He played whilst smoking a pipe General