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General Knowledge
Question Answer Category
Which Chemical Element Has The Symbol (Fe) Iron General
Jones The Steam Was The Driver In Which Children's Train Story Ivor The Engine General
Who Wrote The Maigret Stories Gerges Simenon General
Say When:- Terry Waite , Special Envoy, Was Kidnapped In Beirut 1987 General
What Does The H In H-Bomb Stand For Hydrogen General
Question Answer Category
Who Played Jim Rockford In The Classic Tv Show (The Rockford Files) James Garner General
What Is The Name Of The Villan Portrayed By Richard Kiel In The Bond Movies Jaws General
What Is The Surname Of The Family In The Uk Tv Series My Family Harper General
Which Bond Movie Features A Spectacular Car Chase Around Las Vegas Diamonds Are Forever General
Which Sport Features In Pharlap, The Shamrock Handicap & Champions Horse Racing General
Food & Drink
Question Answer Category
In French Cookery, What Is The Earthenware Dish In Which Pat Is Served Terrine General
What Is The Main Constituent Of Guacamole Avocado General
Which Food Stuff Has A Name Which Translates Into English As 'On A Skewer' Kebab General
The Aperitif Made From White Aligote Wine And Cassis Is Known As What Kir General
From Which Country Does The Drink Tequila Originate Mexico General
Question Answer Category
Who Heard London Calling In 1979 The Clash General
In 1974 How Many Of Darwin’s 8,000 Homes Were Destroyed By Cyclone Tracy 7,500 General
Who Purchased The Site For The New Un Headquarters John D Rockafeller 1946 General
What Two Countries Do Tyroleans Come From Austria And Italy General
Which Is The Largest Country In Africa Sudan General
Question Answer Category
Who Released The 70's Album Entitled Oxygene Jean Michel Jarre General
How Many Witches Were Burned At The State In Salem, Massachusetts none General
Which Best Selling American Writer Wrote And Directed The Sci-Fi Film Westworld " Michael Crichton General
In Which 1971 Oscar Winning Film Is The Main Character A Tough, No Nonsense, Pork Pie Hat Wearing New York City Detective " The French Connection General
Who Is The Only One Who Understands John Shaft " His woman General
Question Answer Category
Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde' Was A No.1 For Which Keyboard Playing Singer Georgie Fame General
Who Recorded 'I Can't Explain' In 1965 The Who General
What 80's Band Included Members From Bad Company And Led Zeppelin The Firm General
Which Steve 'Silk' Hurley Single Was The First House Record To Top The Uk Charts In 1987 Jack Your Body General
The Soundtrack To Which Musical Topped The Uk Album Charts For 70 Consecutive Weeks Between 1958 & 1960 South Pacific General
Science & Nature
Question Answer Category
Which Constellation Has 3 Stars That Appear To Be In A Straight Line And That Are Referred To As A Belt Orion General
Why Was The Edmontosaurus So Named It's Remains Were First Discovered In Edmonton General
I May Not Be The Prettiest Of Fish, But Boy Do I Taste Good! I'm Firm In Texture And Produce A Meaty White Fish When Cooked Monkfish General
Cows Come In Herds, What Do Geese Come In Gaggles Or Skeins General
What Is The Worlds Largest Mammal Blue Whale General
Sport & Leisure
Question Answer Category
Who Was The Only Boxer To Defeat Sugar Ray Leonard In His Professional Career Roberto Duran 1980 General
How Many Hurdles Are There In The Men's 110metres Hurdles 10 General
Which Football Club Won The Champions League In 2004 Porto General
Kevin Keegan & Henry Cooper Both Have A Connection , What Is It Brut 33 General
How Many Ties Are There In The 3rd Round Of The Fa Cup 32 General