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General Knowledge
Question Answer Category
What Does The Letter B Stand For In The Acronym 'Scuba'' Breathing General
Which Planet Has The Great Red Spot In Its Atmosphere Jupiter General
In Film, Tom Hanks And Meg Ryan Were Sleepless In Which American City Seattle General
In Which Country Is The Masai Mara Game Reserve Kenya General
Politics:- A Group From Which Political Party Organised A 'Stop Kennedy' Campaign During The 1960 Presidential Campaign Democratic Party General
Question Answer Category
Leonardo, Michael Angelo, & Raphael Are 3 Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Name The 4th Donatello General
What Is The Code Name Of Adil, The Foreign Exchange Student From Albania Sparrow General
In The Cartoon Show My Pet Monster,What Were The Only Things That Could Send Beastor,Monster's Enemy,Back To The Monster World A pair of orange handcuffs General
Why Did Doctor Foster Never Return To Gloucester Because He Stepped In A Puddle Right Up To His Middle General
Who Replaced Bo And Luke Duke Coy and Vance General
Food & Drink
Question Answer Category
What Does The Phrase Al Dente Mean Pasta cooked firm General
In Which Country Was Gin Invented Holland General
What Was Discovered By The Mcdougall Brothers In 1864 After An Experiment With Phosphatic Yeast Self-Raising Flour General
Which Italian City Gave Its Name To A Cheese And A Type Of Ham Parma General
Which Type Of Beans Are Used To Make Baked Beans Harocot Beans General
Question Answer Category
In Which City Is Saint Paul's Cathedral London General
On Which River Does Inverness Stand The Ness General
Which Is The Largest Ocean The Pacific Ocean General
What Language Do The Locals Speak In Bogota Spanish (Bogota Is The Capital Of Columbia) General
What Is The National Airline Of Russia Maya Island Air General
Question Answer Category
What Was The Name Of The 1982 Movie That Was Based On S.E Hinton's Book The Outsiders General
Who Was The First Us President To Take Up Residence In The Whitehouse John Adams General
Which Battle Agaainst The Austrians & Russians 1805 Is Regarded As Napoleon's Greatest Victory Austerlitz General
Which Breed Of Cat Has Blue Eyes Siamese General
Between Which Two Groups Were The Wars Of The Roses Fought Lancastrians and Yorkists General
Question Answer Category
With Which Boyband Did Mariah Carey Cover The Phil Collins Hit 'Against All Odds' Westlife General
What Was The Name Of Suzi Quatro's Character In 'Happy Days' Leather Trocadero General
Which Song Urged You To 'Push Pineapple , Shake The Tree' Agadoo General
Who Had A Hit In 1966 With 'Tell It Like It Is' Aaron Neville General
Which Family Heart Throb Told Us He Was The Author Of The Record In 1975 David Cassidy / I Write The Songs General
Science & Nature
Question Answer Category
The Komodo Dragon Is Native To Which Country Indonesia General
What Colour Is The Beak Of A Mature Mute Swan Orange General
What Organ In The Human Body Produces Insulin The Pancreas General
What Is The Significance Of The Megalosaurus It Was The First Recognised Dinosaur To Be Named General
How Many Hearts Does An Octopus Have Three Hearts General
Sport & Leisure
Question Answer Category
At Which Sport Might You See A Crucifix Gynmastics (The Rings) General
Celtic Is A Top Ranked Club Located In What Country Scotland General
In 1987 The Jockey Club Disqualified A Horse From A Race After It Had Emerged It Had Eaten What A Mars Bar General
At Which Clubs School Of Excellance Did Ryan Giggs Train Until He Was 14 Manchester City General
Which Tv Football Commentator Is Famed For His Sheep Skin Coat John Motson General