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General Knowledge
Question Answer Category
In 1959, Which Country Was The First To Land A Man-Made Object On The Moon Russia General
Is The Tropic Of Capricorn North Or South Of The Equator South General
What Is The Exact Imperial Distance Of A Marathon Race 26 Miles (385 Yards) General
Which Duo Had A 1982 Uk Chart Hit With Save Your Love Renee and Renato General
Which Drink Was Advertised As 'Drunk For A Penny; Dead Drunk For Tuppence' Gin General
Question Answer Category
Throughout The TV Series How Many People Did Buffy Have Sex With 4 General
In The Invaders What Happened When An Invaded Body Was Killed It Disapeared / Vanished General
Who Is The Main Character In One Foor In The Grave Victor Meldrew General
What Alcoholic Beverage Was Advertised With The Slogan 'It Works Wonders' Double Diamond General
Patty + Selma's Pet. Jub Jub General
Food & Drink
Question Answer Category
From Where Does Spaghetti Bolognese Come From Bologna General
What Is Calvados A French Apple Brandy General
What Type Of Vegetable Is A Marrow Fat A Pea General
Which Cocktail Consists Of Tia Maria, Vodka And Coke A Black Russian General
What Cocktail: Vodka, Galliano And Orange Juice Harvey Wallbanger General
Question Answer Category
In Which Us State Is The Rushmore Monument That Features The Faces Of 4 Us Presidents South Dakota General
What Was The First Town Founded By Europeans In Southern Africa Cape Town General
Which Instrument Measures Atmospheric Pressure A Barometer General
In Which Country Is Loch Ness Scotland General
On Which Of The Hawaiian Islands Is The Capital Honolulu Oahu General
Question Answer Category
What Father/Daughter Duo Made 'Gag Me With A Spoon' A Household Phrase During The Eighties Frank & Moon Unit Zappa General
The Following Is A Line From Which 1970's Film My Name Is.... 'Names Is For Tombstones Baby' " Live and Let Die General
Which 60's Movie Features The Line By Right She Should Be Taken Out And Hung For The Cold Blooded Murder Of The English Tongue My Fair Lady General
In 1957, Who Left The Music Business To Become A Preacher. Little Richard General
What Was The Name Of Anne Boleyns Sister Mary General
Question Answer Category
Which Country Won The Eurovision Song Contest In 1988 Switzerland General
Who Is The Youngest Member Of Boyzone Ronan Keating General
Which Famous Soul Artist Was Once The Drummer Of Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes Teddy Pendergrass General
Who Had A 80's Hit With The Song 'Lipstick, Powder & Paint' Shakin Stevens General
Which Country Won The Eurovision Song Contest In 1982 Germany General
Science & Nature
Question Answer Category
Which Is The Fastest Growing Plant Bamboo (15 Inches A Day) General
How Was The Misubishi A6m Fighter Aircraft Known Zero General
Whose Book About The History Of Americas First Space Programme Was Called 'The Right Stuff' Tom Wolfe General
The Northern Lights Are Called The 'Aurora Borealis' What Are The Southern Lights Known As Aurora Ausralis General
What Do You Call A Birth Where A Baby's Feet Are Delivered First Breech Birth General
Sport & Leisure
Question Answer Category
What Colour Cap Is Worn By An English Cricketer Capped For His Country blue General
Which Boys Name Is Also The Name Of The Object Ball In Bowls Jack General
Which Football Country Plays In Red And White Checked Shirts Croatia General
Which German Golfer Won The Us Masters In 1993 Benhard Langer General
Which Ameriacan Woman Was Never Beaten At Wimbledon, Winning Three Consecutive Titles In The 1950's Before Retiring After A Riding Accident Maureen Connolly General