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General Knowledge
Question Answer Category
Which Article Of Clothing Was Named After The Man Who Led The Charge Of The Light Brigade Cardigan after The Earl of Cardigan General
Cecil Parkinsons Affair With Whome Caused A Scandal In 1983 Sara Keays General
Which Popular Welsh Entertainer Wrote The First World War Song Keep The Home Fires Burning Ivor Novello (1893-1951) General
Who Became The Men's Wimbledon Singles Champion In 1990 S - Stefan Edberg General
Which Footballer Was England's Most Capped Player Of The 20th Century Peter Shilton General
Question Answer Category
What Radical Advance To Sleeping Was Introduced In The 70's The Water Bed General
Which American Actress Starred With Michael Caine In Alfie Shelley Winters General
Which Actress Was In The Tv Movies: The Oddyssey,And Merlin Isabella Rosselini General
Who Played Opposite Tyne Daly In The Pilot Episode Of The 1980's Tv Series Cagney & Lacey Loretta Swit General
Who Was The Host Of The 1980's Quiz Show Telly Addicts Noel Edmonds General
Food & Drink
Question Answer Category
"How Many Teaspoons In A Tablespoon (Uk) " 3 General
After 1066 The French Introduced Such Joys As Cidre To England With 'Staggering' Success. If Pears Replaced Apples In The Process, What Was It Called (Clue, If Needed, A Famous Lawyer.) Perry General
In Which Order Do You Drink Lemon, Salt & Tequila Salt, Tequila, Lemon General
In Monty Pythons The Meaning Of Life What Was Mr. Creosote's Very Last Course A wafer thin mint General
Which Is The Most Eaten Fruit In The World Banana General
Question Answer Category
Where Is The Pirelli Skyscraper Milan, Italy General
What Do You Call A Narrow Strip Connecting 2 Land Masses An Isthmus General
Who Designed The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum Frank Lloyd Wright General
In Which Asian Country Is The Hindu Kush Afghanistan General
Which European City's Name Means Black Pool Dublin General
Question Answer Category
In Which Year Was San Francisco Devastated By A Giant Earthquake 1906 General
Who Was The Last To Sit On The Peacock Throne shah mohammed reza pahlavi General
Which 50's Movie Features The Line ' This Is War. This Is Not A Game Of Cricket'. The Bridge on the River Kwai General
Hear Say Had The Fastest Selling Debut Single Ever In 2001 How Many Copies Did It Sell In The 1st Week 550,000 General
Which Revolution Began In 1789 The French Revolution General
Question Answer Category
Who Played The Lead Role In The Screen Adaptation Of Dennis Potter's Pennies From Heaven Steve Martin General
Which Us Songwriting Team Produced The Hits 'Searchin, Yakety Yak, Charlie Brown, & Poison Ivy' For The Coasters Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller General
Who Performed At Live Aid In A Wheelchair Making His First Live Appearance Since Being Partially Paralysed In A Car Crash Teddy Pendergrass General
What Was Gloria Gaynor's Anthemic No.1 Disco Hit I Will Survive General
Which Country Won The Eurovision Song Contest In 2002 Latvia General
Science & Nature
Question Answer Category
From What Country Does The Goldfish Originate China General
Which Dam Harnesses The Colorado River The Hoover Dam General
What Did A Professor Of Vocal Physiology At Boston University Use His Deaf Students To Help Him Invent In 1876 The Telephone General
Why Is Pluto Not In Gustav Holst's Music Suite The Planets Written Before Pluto's Discovery General
Which Animal Can Jump The Highest The Whale General
Sport & Leisure
Question Answer Category
In 2005 Who Was Named Bbc Sport Personality Of The Year Andrew Murray General
When Billie-Jean King Won The First Open Wimbledon In 1968, What Was Her Prize Money 750 Pounds General
Which Jockey Did John Hurt Portray In The Film Champions Bob Champion General
Which Formula One Team Does Juan Pablo Montoya Drive For Mclaren General
Who Was England's Manager In The 1990 Football World Cup Bobby Robson General